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AWS makes cloud observability simpler with Amazon Managed Grafana

AWS makes cloud observability simpler with Amazon Managed Grafana

Amazon Web Services announced that Amazon Managed Grafana is now generally available. An observability service to help enterprises monitor their infrastructure and apps for technical problems.

The service is a managed implementation of the open-source Grafana platform. AWS built the platform in collaboration with open-source startup Grafana labs, which last month had a funding round that placed its valuation at $3 billion.

Companies find technical issues in their apps using three types of troubleshooting data: metrics, traces, and logs. Logs contain information about specific events like server outages, while metrics describe trends that form over time, like when application latency increases from week to week.

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Traces, on the other hand, analyze technical issues, give insight into what specific subcomponents of an app are causing problems. Amazon Managed Grafana can analyze all three types of data. The service turns the raw technical data into graphs and notifications that admins can use to identify app issues quickly. Included, are data analytics features that make it possible to uncover the root cause of a technical problem and the best way of fixing it. The advantage of a managed version, Amazon says, is that it is easier to use.

Making Grafana easier to use

AWS customers previously had to manually set up Grafana deployments in their cloud instances, which take a lot of time. With Amazon Managed Grafana, a company can bypass the initial setup process and create a deployment in minutes.

The service automatically performs maintenance too, including provisioning more storage capacity when the amount of troubleshooting data an enterprise is processing increases.

The second major benefit AWS promise besides making this easy to use is streamlining cybersecurity. Amazon Grafana encrypts data and automatically applies security patches to Grafana deployments.