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Barracuda Networks has updated its portfolio of email protection subscriptions. Available in three categories, the subscriptions focus on providing detection and remediation for Office 365 users.

With the new subscriptions, Barracuda Networks says Office 365 users will have more options for detection and remediation of malicious emails than Microsoft offers. In this way, companies can more easily limit the attack surface of email attacks by automating the process of ensuring that employees cannot open or view emails flagged as risky.

Email protection

The tools included in the subscriptions provide thread prevention through a combination of email gateway security, API-based and AI-supported inbox security and web security. Other functionality includes detection and response after delivery of emails, data protection for greater compliance and automatic workflows for protection.

In addition, the simultaneously integrated Barracuda Data Inspector solution provides data classification capabilities for finding sensitive personal data and malware. The subscriptions further offer direct integrations with SIEM, SOAR, and XDR solutions from both Barracuda Networks and other vendors.

Three different subscriptions

Barracuda Networks’ subscriptions for direct customers and partners were divided into three categories. The Advanced subscription offers an email gateway, protection against impersonation and phishing, and automatic recovery capabilities. The Premium subscription offers incident response, domain fraud protection and DNS filtering in addition to the Advanced terms. Finally, Premium Plus adds data protection, data classification, archiving and end-user awareness training.

Subscriptions are available immediately.