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STG merges McAfee Enterprise and FireEye in new company called Trellix

STG merges McAfee Enterprise and FireEye in new company called Trellix

Symphony Technology Group (STG) recently merged McAfee Enterprise and FireEye into Trellix, a newly founded company. According to STG, Trellix will offer improved XDR security solutions.

The newly formed security specialist should help companies embrace XDR as the basis for their security strategy. Delivering machine learning and automation-based security solutions is key.

Trellix hopes to innovate by providing customers with so-called ‘security-security technology’. Essentially, the term is used by Trellix to describe tech that adapts to arising threats.

Trellix will develop an XDR ecosystem 600 different native and open standards-based security technologies. This should give organizations’ security specialists insights into threats and the effectiveness of security measures. Ultimately, Trellix hopes to provide tooling for faster threat response and remediation.

No surprise

STG recently acquired McAfee’s enterprise divisions (2020) and FireEye security’s products (2021). The merger of their operations comes as no surprise. STG has been clear on its intent to fuse the organizations’ technologies.

Late last year, the first combined products were launched: integrations of FireEye Helix and McAfee in AWS. Trellix wasn’t mentioned at the time. STG has yet to confirm when the first Trellix service will be introduced.

Another spin-off forthcoming

STG also plans to redesign and market the McAfee Enterprise Secure Service Edge (SSE) portfolio. This will take place during the current first quarter of 2022. A new portfolio will be based on McAfee’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).