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Deloitte has chosen Exabeam for their XDR and SIEM capabilities of their new MXDR offering, which we reported on on more detail yesterday. Exabeam details why Deloitte chose them in a separate release.

Deloitte launched the MXDR suite earlier this week. It consists of the offerings of Zscaler, Splunk, ServiceNow, Google Cloud Chronicle, CrowdStrike, Exabeam, and AWS. As the line of products develops, more suppliers are expected to join MXDR – leaving room for expansion and better product development.

Exabeam is understandably quite pleased about being selected, even though there are other XDR and SIEM offerings on the list too. This is customary for something like this MXDR suite. Deloitte obviously wishes to cover as broad a range of potential customers with this, so it makes sense to not limit itself too much in terms of the alliances it strikes.

Comments from Exabeam and Deloitte

Below are the official comments from Exabeam and Deloitte regarding the alliance.

Ralph Pisani, President of Exabeam, stated:

“Exabeam is hands-down the leading user behavior analytics solution focused on the security market. Our cybersecurity and automation capabilities will help Deloitte clients quickly and more effectively detect, investigate, and respond to the increasingly dangerous approaches of global adversaries. We look forward to helping Deloitte clients as they leverage our open API environment and strengthen their security programs via tailored use of MXDR by Deloitte.”

Moreover, Exabeam was also reportedly chosen because they have modernized security operations centers (SOCs) by substantively accelerating the time taken to conduct thorough investigations and then resolve security incidents. They also have automated the TDIR process from start to finish.

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory managing director Curt Aubley stated:

“We asked Exabeam to be part of MXDR by Deloitte because we want our clients to be confident that they can more quickly detect and remediate anomalous — possibly adversarial — activity permeating their networks. In addition, we’re passionate about helping Deloitte clients drive better business and cybersecurity outcomes to help future-proof their evolving security strategies.”