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SentinelOne launched an integration of Mandiant Threat Intelligence and Singularity XDR. The integration allows Mandiant to stream threat intelligence to SentinelOne’s XDR platform, providing security professionals with additional information on vulnerabilities and threats.

SentinelOne develops multiple security solutions, including an extended detection and response (XDR) platform. Organizations use the platform to prevent, recognize and repel attacks. The platform scans cloud environments and on-premises networks for suspicious traffic, misconfigurations and outdated software.

In addition to detection, the platform provides various threat and attack investigation tools, including threat intelligence on vulnerabilities and suspicious traffic. A new integration with Mandiant Threat Intelligence complements Singularity XDR’s threat intelligence. The integration is directly available to joint customers.

Mandiant and SentinelOne

First, Mandiant Threat Intelligence provides additional details about threats and vulnerabilities detected by Singularity XDR. The information helps researchers confirm and track attacks. According to SentinelOne, the integration is free of complex code and configurations. Upon installation, data from Mandiant Threat Intelligence is automatically streamed to Singularity XDR.

Second, Mandiant Threat Intelligence allows the XDR platform to recognize additional threats and attacks. With more than 300 security researchers and four million sensors, Mandiant collects millions of malware samples per week. The threat intelligence increases the number of risks detected by Singularity XDR.

SentinelOne Singularity XDR

Integrations are central to SentinelOne’s strategy. Mandiant is one of many third-party vendors that features integrations with Singularity XDR. “Our business model is not about competing with partners, but supporting them”, said Raj Rajamani, Chief Product Officer at SentinelOne.

“The integration provides even faster triage and root-cause analysis for alerts. With SentinelOne’s threat identification and Mandiant’s information, organizations are equipped to defend against the evolving threat landscape.”

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