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Improvements aimed at companies that have moved to SaaS and IaaS environments

Barracuda Networks this week announced the expansion of its cloud-native SASE platform. Barracuda’s SASE platform streamlines Secure SD-WAN, firewall-as-a-service, Zero Trust Network Access, and Secure Web Gateway functionality and incorporates secure connectivity to industrial IoT devices.

The expansion includes new capabilities for hybrid deployment models and IIoT environments. Additionally, new technology integrations offer secure data transfer, orchestration, asset management, and anomaly detection.

Peter Nowak, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Network Security at Barracuda, detailed the new offering in a blog post. “Until a few years ago, all traffic used to be backhauled to your data center for security inspection,” he writes. “With cloud convergence, many companies got rid of their data centers and now use SaaS services or cloud-hosted infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions. During this process, many organizations look into replacing their existing security with cloud-hosted SASE,” he explains.

New features embrace the Internet of Things (IoT)

“With the new release of CloudGen WAN, getting the traffic flow to the cloud into your private service tenant in Azure is as easy as getting a private SASE service for hybrid deployments,” Nowak continues. This is commonly referred to by Gartner as Security Service Edge. It can be hosted anywhere as a virtual or data center unit, still 100% cloud-managed and cloud-assisted for security functions.

Barracuda now offers Secure Connector virtual appliances and new ruggedized site devices, Nowak says. “These updates provide highly scalable internet-of-things connectivity, as well as cloud and private service edge-based security for IIoT endpoints.”

New capabilities designed to address specific challenges

Barracuda is now offering a variety of ultra-compact and cost-effective endpoint devices, Nowak claims. These include ruggedized models for harsh environments and virtual appliances for organizations preferring to use their own hardware. Security inspection is realized either on a CloudGen Firewall or in Azure leveraging CloudGen WAN. Both solutions use Barracuda’s technology stack for multi-layered next-generation security including full emulation sandboxing.

“This architecture combined with central management ensures unmatched scalability for thousands of IoT devices,” Nowak says. They offer “an industry-leading level of protection including SCADA protocols, ease of use, and economical efficiency,” he adds.