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SHI’s network was hit by a malware attack. The IT solution provider was forced to put several systems offline, including its public websites and email.

SHI is one of North America’s biggest IT solutions providers with $12.3 billion in projected revenue for 2021 and hubs in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. The giant released a statement saying it was the victim of a planned and professional malware strike last weekend.

Quick reaction times

According to the statement from the security and IT teams at SHI, measures were implemented to minimize the damage to SHI’s systems and operations.

Following the incident, SHI updated its website with a notice informing users that maintenance was being done on its information systems because of a “sustained outage.”

The vague message was replaced with the attack statement on the company’s blog, informing its customers of what happened when the details became clearer.

The fallout

SHI was forced to put several of its systems offline, including its public websites and email, while assessing the integrity of its systems and looking into the security issue.

All email servers taken down following the incident were restarted by SHI staff members starting on Wednesday morning. The company’s IT specialists are currently working on access to additional compromised systems on the network.

There is no evidence to suggest that client data was exfiltrated during the assault. According to SHI, the investigation into the issue is continuing, and the company is collaborating with federal organizations like the FBI and CISA.

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