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Salt Security launched a new version of its API Protection Platform. Users now have insight into the attack methods of cybercriminals. In addition, new simulations support quick pen tests of API’s.

Salt Security is one of the largest API security providers. The organization develops an API Protection Platform. Users gain an overview of all APIs within an environment, including network traffic and vulnerabilities. The company grows rapidly. Its market value rose to roughly $1,4 billion in six years’ time. Investors are excited due to the platform’s growing demand.

Researchers estimate that API traffic tripled worldwide in 2021. Every unattended API is an opportunity for cybercriminals. Without proper configuration, API’s send information to anyone that asks. Sometimes, the data is harmless. In other cases, passwords and e-mail addresses are up for grabs. Salt Security’s platform prevents these risks. The latest update adds three features.

Salt Security API Protection Platform

First of all, users now have access to attack timelines. The platform shows the steps of an attacker. According to Salt Security, the feature helps organizations analyse incidents.

Secondly, the platform now visualizes API calls. We speak of an API call whenever an app or person reaches out to an API. API calls usually request information — for example, a line from a database. Should you want to know when, about what and with whom an API communicates, logs are typically your best bet. Salt Security’s new feature offers an alternative. API calls are visualized. Graphics are easier to understand for untrained staff.

Finally, the platform offers a range of new attack simulations. The simulations consist of common attack techniques. Users can run the simulations on an API to test its resilience. The process is a lot faster and cheaper than manual pen testing.

Tip: APIs are indispensable, but also pose a security risk