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Salt Security raises $140 million (122 million euros) with its latest investment round. CapitalG, Alphabet’s growth fund, contributed the largest sum.

Salt Security was founded in 2015. Since, its market value has grown to an estimated 1.2 billion euros. Co-founder Michael Nicosia’s enthusiasm should come as no surprise. “We’re on the best possible journey”, he describes in a blog post announcing the organization’s 140 million dollar investment round.

Salt Security’s technology recognizes and stops attacks on and by APIs. In addition, the technology provides insight into an organization’s API landscape, which — in the long run — helps developers adopt best practices.

Impressive growth

Last year, Salt Security’s revenue grew by 500 percent. The customer base tripled and the number of employees increased more than twofold. Although the market for API security is growing at an extreme pace, it’s too easy to attribute Salt Security’s success to a trend.

We discussed Salt Security’s platform in a comprehensive article. The technology is admirable, but you don’t have to take it from us. CapitalG (Alphabet’s growth fund) is the largest sponsor of the most recent investment round. The investor is known to bet on some of the most enduring and promising organizations, including UiPath, Zscaler and Crowdstrike. Confidence in Salt Security is high.