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Sysdig has introduced a number of solutions that help companies automate security in Infrastructure as code (IaC) environments. Sysdig ToDo shows key vulnerabilities in a cloud infrastructure while Remediation Guru helps resolve these vulnerabilities.

Sysdig provides security solutions for container environments. Sysdig Monitor, its own cloud-based intelligence platform, helps manage large-scale container environments. Sysdig Secure discovers vulnerabilities in these environments.

The portfolio is being expanded with two solutions that should improve the security of cloud infrastructure and, in particular, infrastructure as code (IaC) environments.

Sysdig ToDo and Remediation Guru

The Sysdig ToDo tool provides a checklist for security actions. This list shows vulnerabilities in customers’ cloud infrastructure in order of priority. The tool ranks vulnerabilities by finding risks that share the same root cause. This should greatly reduce the investigation time of security teams.

Once the list of priorities is established, the second tool comes around the corner. Remediation Guru automatically generates changes to IaC templates with a single click. Because of their shared policy model, the solutions can be deployed across multiple cloud and Kubernetes environments.


According to Sysdig, the main benefits of the two new tools are that they allow teams to monitor and troubleshoot their cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes environments with a single dashboard. This visibility was extended to all assets in various multi-cloud environments. In addition, by grouping problems at the root cause level, administrators can save time.

Sysdig ToDo is available immediately. Sysdig Remediation Guru was launched as a tech preview for all end users of Sysdig Secure.

Tip: Sysdig integrates machine learning to detect cryptojacking attempts