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It’s still better to prevent than recover from ransomware

It’s still better to prevent than recover from ransomware

Ransomware is becoming an increasing problem. In Europe alone, there are so many examples of large and small organisations that have fallen victim to ransomware. Year on year, the number of ransomware cases keeps surging by a couple hundred percent. Reason enough to take it seriously and incorporate it in your strategy, because it is better to prevent ransomware than to recover from it.

Ideally, your organisation should work on prevention, so that actions and remediation before an attack is carried out. A threat should never become a real danger. Technology can be used to scan, categorise and prevent the (latest) ransomware attacks. This way, they are stopped before they are executed. Ransomware cannot enter your network if it’s stopped on time. Today there is technology available that scans in less than 20 milliseconds. This allows you, as an organisation, to work much faster in the prevention phase.

This is more effective than trying to limit the damage afterwards because the costs could be high. The average damage after a ransomware attack amounts to 365,000 euros. Yet only 10 per cent of this amount is spent on prevention. That is a shame, because in the security world there is the idea that it is not a question of whether you become the victim of an attack, but when.

In principle, therefore, companies do not need to worry about files being stolen or encrypted. With the right technology, you can redesign your defence strategy. Curious how? Use the form below to download a document in which Deep Instinct explains it.