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FD Technologies has announced the availability of kdb Insights Enterprise on Microsoft Azure.

All well and good, but let’s just step back – now that we know ‘where’ – and ask who, when, why and what.
FD Technologies is a group of data-driven businesses that comprises KX, a technology for real-time continuous intelligence; First Derivative, which provides technology-led services in capital markets; and MRP, the only enterprise-class predictive accounts-based marketing solution. 

Engineered by KX, kdb Insights Enterprise is designed to provide businesses with real-time intelligent enterprises tools to enable functions (such as reporting) to run up to 100x the performance.

What is a data timehouse?

kdb Insights Enterprise on Microsoft Azure is an enterprise-scale real-time analytics engine with a fast time-series database (kdb) at its core, running natively on Azure. It is also known as a ‘data timehouse’, a new class of data and AI management platform designed for temporal data.

Essentially a coming together of real-time data continuous intelligence platform technologies straddling both data warehouse (the more defined, structured and managed elements of a total data management fabric) with data lakehouse technologies (the more expansive less-structured areas of a data fabric that operate more closely to a raw information data lake), a data timehouse provides data scientists and application developers with access to temporal data on real-time and massive historical datasets with the Azure native tools they use today.

KX has developed a go-to-market strategy to target those businesses where the processing and analysis of time series and machine data is a critical business requirement. Customers also benefit from being able to use their Azure Consumption Credits, simplifying adoption, billing and payment.

Data-driven decision science

“The launch of kdb Insights Enterprise on Microsoft Azure as a first-party service is a watershed moment for KX,” said Ashok Reddy, KX CEO. “Representing the industry’s first data timehouse, it enriches data warehouse and lakehouse technologies and gives customers access to the power and performance of kdb with all the benefits of the Azure platform.”

Reddy says that this service enables companies in all sectors to accelerate their AI and ML analytics workloads, putting data-driven decision science at the very heart of their business.

“We continue to see enormous opportunity for our strategic partnership with Microsoft, helping to underpin our growth expectations,” he added.

Corey Sanders, corporate vice president of Microsoft cloud for industry has said that in partnership with KX, his team is excited to launch the industry’s first data timehouse on the Azure platform.

“While in preview, we have already seen impressive results for customers in capital markets, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy. We look forward to working with KX to help businesses achieve transformative growth with kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure,” said Sanders.

Techzine.EU will be at KX.con in New York this May 2023 to uncover deeper insights into the company’s platform and its associated tools.