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In this very extensive On-Tour, we interview VMware’s CTO, Ray O’Farrell. In this extensive video interview, we talk for almost an hour with VMware’s top executive about VMware’s vision and strategy, the product portfolio, and where the focus lies for VMware.

How does VMware view further development in the hybrid and multi-cloud world, what are the plans for the unified workspace (VMware Workspace One) and, of course, the Internet of Things? We also talk about emerging and potentially disruptive trends, such as automation and an autonomous data center. How many VMware experts will it take to manage a VMware environment in the future? In addition, the VMware portfolio is growing, how does the company ensure that it remains understandable?

In Techzine on Tour, we interview the leaders of the IT world, such as CEOs and CTOs of large IT companies, companies that develop innovative and disruptive technology in the IT world. We started this series with the CEO of Nutanix, Dheeraj Pandey. Now it’s time for VMware’s CTO, Ray O’Farrell.

In the video several topics are discussed, see below for a selection to view specific sections: