German School of Madrid and China Railway Liuyuan use Active Backup for Business

German School of Madrid and China Railway Liuyuan use Active Backup for Business

In today’s digital landscape, protecting data is paramount for businesses of all sizes. Synology offers an exceptional data protection solution, Active Backup for Business (ABB). ABB features centralized management capabilities and a license-free approach, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive and cost-effective data protection solution.

Centralized Management

One of the strengths of ABB is its centralized management capabilities. Through Synology’s intuitive DiskStation Manager (DSM) interface, users can conveniently monitor and control all backup tasks from a single dashboard. This centralized approach simplifies backup management across multiple devices and platforms, reducing complexity and saving valuable time and resources.

ABB enables users to monitor backup tasks, configure settings, and receive real-time notifications of backup status updates. This level of control ensures that organizations stay informed about the health and progress of their backups and can take immediate action if problems arise. With a unified view of backup activity, administrators can streamline their backup operations, resulting in greater efficiency and better data protection.

License-Free Solution

Another notable feature of ABB is its license-free nature. Unlike some backup solutions that impose additional costs for licensing individual devices or agents, ABB provides a cost-effective alternative. By eliminating licensing fees, Synology empowers businesses to protect their data without incurring unnecessary expenses. This license-free approach ensures that organizations can allocate their budget to other critical areas while still benefiting from a robust and reliable backup solution.

ABB’s license-free model extends to various platforms, including Windows and Linux servers, virtual machines (VMs), and PCs. Businesses can effortlessly back up their entire infrastructure without worrying about per-device licensing costs. This flexibility allows organizations to scale their backup environment according to their needs without being constrained by licensing restrictions.

Case study 1: German School of Madrid

The German School of Madrid faced the challenge of protecting its data effectively while upgrading its outdated video surveillance system. They turned to Synology and implemented a comprehensive solution that addressed their needs. With Synology NAS devices and Active Backup for Business, the School achieved centralized backup for multiple computers without worrying about licensing fees. They utilized a DS218+ to perform bare-metal backups and restorations, ensuring the protection of data, settings, and operating systems on their PCs. The centralized management console simplified backup tasks, reducing costs and deployment time. The implementation was user-friendly, allowing end users to perform self-service file or folder recovery instantly. By leveraging global deduplication technology, storage consumption was significantly reduced. The School also adopted Synology Surveillance Station, enabling them to configure and monitor live recordings from various cameras while archiving previous recordings in the DS218+. The integration with I/O modules and door controllers provided enhanced flexibility according to their specific needs. Through the Synology solution, the German School of Madrid successfully safeguarded its data and modernized its video surveillance system, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for its students and staff.

Case study 2: China Railway Liuyuan Group Co., Ltd. (CRL)

China Railway Liuyuan Group Co., Ltd. (CRL), a subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited, overcame data backup challenges by implementing Synology’s NAS solution, specifically ABB. ABB centralized system recovery and data backup for PCs, servers, and VMware VMs, providing better control and eliminating concerns over extensive data. Its intuitive interface and deduplication feature reduced IT effort, saving 47% of storage space. CRL also utilized Synology Drive for secure file sharing and collaboration, improving work efficiency and promoting cross-departmental communication.

The tailored NAS solution and ABB empowered CRL to efficiently manage its diverse data across varied business operations. The extensive compatibility, intelligent backup technologies, and online collaboration capabilities of Synology NAS delivered significant business value to CRL, enhancing work efficiency and core competitiveness.


ABB is a commendable centralized backup solution that provides businesses with efficient data protection. Its centralized management capabilities empower administrators to oversee backup tasks effortlessly, ensuring streamlined operations and prompt response to any issues. Moreover, the license-free approach adopted by ABB offers a cost-effective solution that eliminates the burden of licensing fees across different platforms. With ABB, businesses can confidently safeguard their critical data, focus on core operations, and achieve peace of mind in the face of potential data loss or disasters.

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