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A readymade solution for manufacturing companies to merge data and AI on a single platform. That’s what software company Databricks is bringing to market today with the Lakehouse of Manufacturing.

Databricks characterizes its product as “the first open lakehouse platform tailored to the needs of manufacturing companies.” DuPont, Honeywell, Rolls-Royce and Shell, among others, are already using the new platform.

A wide variety of applications

Databricks describes the construction of the Lakehouse of Manufacturing as a set of ready-made building blocks. The company gives very a wide variety of examples of applications for the platform. For example, it is able to organize “predictive maintenance” to ensure that machinery remains well-maintained on an efficient basis. In addition, companies can prevent inventory shortages by performing demand forecasting.

In addition, Databricks is working with partners such as Avanade, Celebal Technologies, DataSentics, Deloitte and Tredence. They all offer “Brickbuilder solutions”: applications from partners that should integrate seamlessly with the Lakehouse of Manufacturing. This prevents developers from having to perform the arduous task of getting different solutions to talk to each other.

Databricks has continuously expanded its lakehouse features, including the addition of real-time machine learning.