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Marketing industry sees generative AI as game changer

Marketing industry sees generative AI as game changer

Marketers often see generative AI as a game changer. However, they do have concerns about data accuracy and reliability.

The marketing industry has embraced tools for generative AI, such as ChatGPT. That’s according to Salesforce research, in which 60 percent of marketers say they are already using the technology. Another 22 percent plan to do so.

Game changer

Some 53 percent of users indicate that generative AI is a real game changer. The reasons they give for this are its ability to change the way they analyze data, personalize message content, create marketing campaigns and create/optimize SEO strategies.

Generative AI is primarily used by marketers for content creation and writing. In addition, a majority expect that its use will save them time by easing busy work schedules and let them focus more on strategic work.

Concerns though

Despite the positive sounds, there are also concerns. About a third do not know how to use this technology safely. There are concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the data with which the tools do their work. More than half therefore consider reliable customer data important.

In addition, respondents see a lack of human creativity and contextual knowledge of generative AI as a potential barrier. They indicate that some form of human oversight is therefore needed.

Furthermore, respondents indicate that they are not yet adequately prepared to use generative AI in their work. Almost half indicate that they still do not know how to get the most value from the technology. Training in the use of generative AI is therefore desired.

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