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Databricks continues to expand its ecosystem around its DeltaSharing tool for sharing data and AI models. Among others, integrations with Cloudflare, Dell Technologies, Oracle and Twilio have now been added.

With the open standard and tool DeltaSharing for securely exchanging data and AI models, Databricks seeks to end the lack of open standards for secure inter-company data exchange.

The standard enables live sharing and use of datasets, such as AI models, on and across platforms, cloud environments and regions.

Expanding ecosystem

With today’s announcement, Databricks intends to expand this open ecosystem further. This is through new Cloudflare, Dell Technologies, Oracle and Twilio integrations.

This will soon allow customers to share their data with Databricks’ own platforms, Apache Spark, Pandas, Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft Excel and any other system that supports the open DeltaSharing protocol without problems.


Ultimately, this should give companies more benefits. These include delivering AI models and notebooks to customers without complicated replication and easy access management. It also allows customers to access portion data from multiple compute platforms, without relying on solutions from a specific vendor.

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