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APIs create heaps of business revenue

APIs create heaps of business revenue

The use of APIs and associated integrations drives a lot of revenue within companies.

This was found by research from Postman. According to the survey, nearly two-thirds of respondents indicated that they generate revenue using APIs. 43 percent indicate that APIs are responsible for more than a quarter of sales.

Lower costs and investments

Generating revenue is the second most-stated reason for using APIs, Postman researchers find. The favorite reason for deciding whether or not to use APIs is their low cost, especially now that economic conditions are down and any savings are particularly valuable.

The survey also shows that companies continue to invest heavily in APIs. Of the respondents, 92 percent indicated that they will increase investment in APIs and API usage over the next two years or let it remain the same.

Other results

Other results from the survey include that an increasing number of companies see themselves as an “API Leader” and that the use of generative AI has increased significantly. Furthermore, API security has improved, which would have reduced the number of security incidents surrounding APIs in general. However, there was a higher average number of API security incidents in the automotive, education and retail sectors.

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