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Cisco is acquiring Code BGP. The company will be incorporated into ThousandEyes’ Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) monitoring business.

Cisco has successfully completed its seventh acquisition of 2023. Greek startup Code BGP was the subject of negotiations this time. No financial details were released about the acquisition.

‘BGP makes the Internet work’

Border Gateway Protocol or BGP is a routing protocol used to route Internet traffic between different providers. Based on the protocol, the internet functions.

Joe Vaccaro, VP of Product at ThousandEyes shares in a blog that the acquisition makes ThousandEyes stronger to overcome the difficulties of the protocol. In numbers, he expresses the importance for ThousandEyes to bet on BGP: “This year alone, more than 6,000 incidents of BGP hijacks, route leaks, and other issues occurred across the many thousands of networks that make up the Internet. Navigating these incidents requires quick detection and remediation to avoid downtime and protect users, making BGP visibility an essential capability for organizations that rely on the Internet to connect customers, employees, and business systems to applications and services.”

Monthly habit in 2023

An acquisition will become almost a monthly habit for Cisco in 2023. As we dive into the eighth month of the year, the company is finalizing its seventh acquisition.

Last month, the company added startup Oort. With the acquisition, Cisco got its hands on technology to better protect enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems from hacks.

The ThousandEyes division also received an expansion earlier this year. In June, Cisco acquired London-based company SamKnows. The week before, plans were announced to acquire Accedian, a Canadian provider of network performance management. There was clearly even more potential open for ThousandEyes, now that its network monitoring software is getting another expansion.