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Cisco is set to acquire Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) startup Oort. Its technology will be added to Cisco Security Cloud and the tech company’s IAM and XDR portfolios.

No financial details were disclosed about the acquisition. The technology from Oort should better protect companies’ existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems from hacking attacks. This is particularly important nowadays as hackers are increasingly targeting these types of systems.

Antivirus for IAM systems

Oort’s platform provides a kind of antivirus functionality for IAM systems. To do this, it collects telemetry data from the IAM systems in use and scans this data for malicious activity.

In addition, the tool checks the system data for misconfigurations to prevent opportunities for attacks in the first place. It checks for security vulnerabilities and applies other types of predictive identity analysis. By utilizing this information, the Oort platform automatically detects anomalies and breaches. In addition, the platform can detect other methods through which cybercriminals strike, such as brute-force attacks.

The platform then enables administrators to stop these attacks with a few clicks. For example, it can do this through a feature that allows administrators to quickly log out of accounts that exhibit malicious behavior. Oort can also temporarily suspend accounts when necessary.

Integration into Cisco Security Cloud and IAM-XDR portfolios

Cisco is integrating Oort’s technology into Cisco Security Cloud. It is also adding the technology to its IAM security and XDR portfolios. Furthermore, Cisco wants to take advantage of Oort integrations with other vendors. Examples include Google, Microsoft, Okta and Auth0.

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