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This week, Cisco announced its intent to acquire SamKnows. The latter a privately held broadband network monitoring company headquartered in London. The acquisition further expands Cisco’s network monitoring and management offering.

The goal of the acquisition is to extend Cisco’s ThousandEyes view of the Internet and hybrid workforce experience. SamKnows operates an internet performance monitoring platform for home routers and mobile devices. Furthermore, its telemetry agents are deployed by service providers such as British Telecom, Verizon, Virgin Media, Vodafone, and others.

“For broadband providers and our customers today, the combination of ThousandEyes and SamKnows will accelerate the delivery of exceptional connected experiences over many more networks”, explained ThousandEyes CEO Mohit Lad in a blog post.

Enhancing the hybrid work experience

“In the last few years, hybrid work has dramatically expanded the role of broadband networks, and companies are increasingly dependent on these networks to connect customers and employees to applications and services”, Lad continues. “Ensuring end-to-end connectivity from home environments is now essential for enterprises supporting remote employees, application providers reaching users, and broadband providers maintaining customer satisfaction”.

Cisco says its acquisition of SamKnows will expand ThousandEyes’ visibility of broadband networks. In addition, last-mile performance will be improved through SamKnows’s “fleet of millions of vantage points”. These are located on home routers and mobile devices connected to ISPs.

The overarching goal, Lad says, is to enable providers to “isolate and troubleshoot issues faster to assure a differentiated customer experience that reduces churn, attracts users, and enables them to better compete in today’s market”.

SamKnows will complement Accedian

Cisco’s SamKnows acquisition comes just a week after the company announced its intent to acquire Accedian, a Canadian network performance management vendor.

With visibility into over 400M endpoints, we have the most comprehensive set of network and user experience data for today’s Internet as well as the primary SaaS applications used by businesses, public clouds, and enterprises, wrote Jonathan Davidson, EVP of Networking at Cisco in his own blog post.

“With the acquisitions of Accedian and SamKnows, we are providing a whole new level of network assurance and experience monitoring for our customers”, Davidson added.