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Consulting group BCG gives clients direct access to Anthropic’s AI tools

Consulting group BCG gives clients direct access to Anthropic’s AI tools

AI developer Anthropic and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) are teaming up to give companies direct access to Anthropic’s AI models. BCG will additionally further develop the tools. This is to stimulate the use of AI further.

With its own Claude 2 generative AI assistant, Anthropic is a formidable competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. By partnering with the BCG’s consultants, the AI developer aims to bring this generative AI assistant to as many companies as possible.

Instant access to AI models

More specifically, the partnership should help give the consultant’s current clients direct access to Claude 2 and other AI technology from Anthropic. In addition, these clients can apply the AI models for certain strategic solutions to increase innovation and improve employee productivity.

Within the partnership, Anthropic provides the required AI technology, and BCG advises companies on strategically applying this technology for better business results and insights.

Application development

Currently, no specific applications are known to help businesses, but BCG has indicated it is developing one for summarizing and analyzing lengthy documents. For example, summaries of market surveys and customer insights would be possible.

The consultant is also likely to develop solutions for fraud detection, demand forecasting and document writing on Claude 2- and other AI technology from Anthropic. In the latter case, this would include test scripts and specifications for ERP transitions, supporting HR departments in drafting job postings and generating reports for finance departments.

Furthermore, BCG itself will use Anthropic’s AI solutions and applications.