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Binance introduces new developer platform for blockchain innovation

Binance introduces new developer platform for blockchain innovation

Binance, one of the largest crypto-currency exchanges in the world, launches a new developer platform. The platform should lead to new blockchain innovations, preferably focusing on already existing Binance platforms.

The new developer platform will be called Binance X. This will include a hub where developers will be trained in the use of Binance solutions. Binance Chain, Binance’s API, will probably be part of this. Binance X also gets three main parts, called Learn, Collaborate and Grow. All three of these will have a different function in the platform.

“Under Learn, we offer official and possibly external resources to help you learn and access relevant information. With Collaborate, we offer tools and channels that allow you to collaborate with relevant Binance teams and other third-party developers both online and in real life. Under Grow, we refer to various Binance programs that are designed to help with projects at different stages from adulthood to the next stage of growth,” explains Binance in a blog post.

Binance X Fellowship

One of the projects that Binance links to Binance X is Binance X Fellowship. This is a project for the development of open source software. The developments in this project are intended for new innovations and start-ups in the crypto industry. This project has been running since earlier this year, says Binance. Meanwhile, more than 40 projects are part of the project.

“The long-term goal of Binance X is to promote a thriving developer ecosystem that innovates on products and services that would promote the crypto ecosystem and contribute to the deployment of cryptography. (…) We hope that our platform will generate creative and innovative projects from developers who will bring crypto to the general public,” said Teck Chia, head of Binance X to The Block.