New APIs and developer platform for Lucid Software

New APIs and developer platform for Lucid Software

Lucid Software has unveiled new APIs and a developer platform along with it. These innovations are already being put to use by Salesforce, Slack, ServiceNow and Notion, and others.

Lucid touts the Visual Collaboration Suite as useful for creating applications and integrations to make collaborative work smoother. Now it is adding additional functionality, including through APIs. These include ways to develop automatic visualizations, for example, or to allow bidirectional data integrations.

This can then be developed and tested on the new developer platform. According to the company, users can customize Lucidchart and Lucidspark as desired and share them with the other 60 million users.


“Users and partners can use our APIs and developer platform to provide customization to their teams and customers. In doing so, they can boost efficiency and not have to keep switching applications and contexts,” said Dan Lawyer, chief product officer at Lucid Software. “Modern teams need solutions that remove complexity and can be deployed wherever they work. Users and partners can use our new APIs to optimize existing workflows with visual collaboration. That way, they can ensure faster alignment and increase their pace of innovation and productivity.”

Ease of use

The integrations with the aforementioned parties revolve around ease of use. For example, Lucid states that Salesforce users can “easily customize templates, graphics and projects in the Salsesforce form library in Lucidchart.” This makes it easier to standardize documentation within a company, it claims. Slack also hooks into Lucid visualizations in a simple way by being able to present them native to the app. Within the ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM) tool, the room for improvement within an application portfolio is easy to show.

Earlier this year, Lucid Software released a suite of AI-supported features to automate a variety of capabilities.

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