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Collaboration platform Lucid Suite is getting four new features. The additions should improve the software’s ease of use, with a little help from AI.

Lucid is a company that saw a gap in the market in 2010 with software for smart diagrams. Lucid has since launched several core products for visual collaboration.

Simplicity, AI

Firstly, Lucid Suite is expanding in the area of templates. The company now offers an easy way to engage team members in a group activity. Opinions can be brought together to arrive at faster decisions.

With Team Spaces, users can now rely on a virtual hub that brings together all sorts of key points. Think along the lines of documents within Lucid itself and from third party vendors, links to important data and team updates. In this way, the company wants to prevent organizations from having to constantly switch applications. A Team Space should thus become a “single source of truth.

At the so-called Universal Campus, various tools from the Lucid Suite come together. Here it is possible, for example, to provide Lucidchart diagrams with notes and Visual Activities around them. Lucid itself talks about the integration of marketing and sales teams communicating in one document with the Finance department.

Finally, Lucid touches on Collaborative AI, a beta feature not yet available in the Netherlands. This tool allows brainstorms and notes from meetings to be summarized in visualizations.

A few days ago it came out that Lucid Software is providing a lot of value to investors. Across three years, the platform reportedly delivered a return on investment of as much as 410 percent.

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