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An Australian woman was arrested after it turned out that she had stolen no less than 100,000 tokens of cryptovaluta ripple. The tokens had a combined value of almost half a million Australian dollars at the time they were stolen. The 23-year-old woman was arrested on Thursday morning.

The ZDNet is reporting that today on the basis of a report from the Australian police. The theft of 100,000 ripple tokens from one account was investigated for ten months. At the time, the cryptographic currency was worth 450,000 Australian dollars, but at the time of writing it was still 45,000 Australian dollars.

The victim, a 56 year old man, found out that he had almost no tokens on his account, after he couldn’t access the data for two days. That happened sometime in mid-January, when the cryptovaluta-hype was at its peak. The man himself thought his e-mail account had been hacked a month earlier.

Popular target

Crypt Currencies are a popular target for criminals. Earlier this month Australian Victoria police reported that a total of 50,000 Australian dollars were stolen to bitcoin from four victims. They transferred money via a bitcoin ATM and were told that they had a tax debt. If they didn’t relieve it, they’d be arrested. Later it turned out that threateningly did not come from the Australian tax authorities.

At the moment, the Australian tax authorities are warning against the use of cryptic currency. Crypt Currencies exist entirely in a virtual world. As soon as the scammers have captured money, it is almost impossible to get it back, says assistant commissioner Kath Anderson in a statement. According to Anderson, Scammers are constantly devising new ways of stealing money. Unfortunately, given its current popularity and anonymity, scammers would inevitably focus on cryptic currency.

Scammers adapt every year and find new ways to exploit popular developments, new platforms, new ways of communicating, popular products, changes in legislation or new investment options, the Australians conclude.

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