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Nuance’s Project Pathfinder helps train virtual assistants

Nuance’s Project Pathfinder helps train virtual assistants

Today, Nuance Communications unveiled the new Project Pathfinder at its Customer Experience Summit. This technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase the call intelligence of virtual assistants and chatbots.

To make this possible, Project Pathfinder reads existing chat logs and transcripts of conversations between customers and contact centre staff. Based on this, highly effective dialogue models are automatically built that ensure that constructive dialogues are created between customers and virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants

More and more companies, government agencies and other organisations are working on the implementation of virtual assistants. They must be able to answer questions in the specific domain of the organisation concerned. But training those assistants is a complicated and time-consuming task. It takes a lot of time to provide the assistants with all the right answers and to let them function properly in different areas.

However, Project Pathfinder responds to the problems involved in training artificial intelligence. Automating dialogue models is possible because the virtual assistants can learn from the transcriptions of human conversations. This reduces the time and costs required to develop a well-functioning virtual assistant.

Complex issues

Robert Weideman, EVP and GM from Nuance Communications Enterprise Division explain that a virtual assistant is currently perfectly capable of solving small issues. Think of simple question-and-answer scenarios like what’s my bank balance. But really having a conversation or answering more complex questions is not possible, according to Weideman. But Project Pathfinder is helping to make that possible.

Project Pathfinder is able to automate the construction of human-machine interaction thanks to our expertise and findings in the field of natural language understanding (NLU) and the identification of the user’s intentions. With Project Pathfinder, Nuance raises the bar once again for the added value that VAs can offer.

Project Pathfinder is currently available to strategic customers of Nuance. The technology will be widely available within the Nuance solutions in the summer of 2019.

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