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ServiceNow adds more AI with Now Assist for Virtual Agent

ServiceNow adds more AI with Now Assist for Virtual Agent

ServiceNow is integrating more AI functionality into its platform. It recently introduced the AI chatbot Now Assist for Virtual Agent.

The generative AI chatbot should help employees surface business information easier and faster. This is based on natural language search queries. The AI chatbot provides answers in text, images, videos and even code.

Employees can use the tool to, among other things, automatically answer standard support questions or, in the case of developers, with finding pieces of code faster.

Extension of existing virtual assistant

The tool is an extension of the existing virtual assistant Virtual Agent. The AI chatbot now provides more direct answers to users’ questions and does so in a straightforward manner. Furthermore, the AI tool can not only base its answers on companies’ own knowledge database but also from external sources.

Other AI tools under the hood

The tool will also run on two recently released AI tools from ServiceNow; Generative AI Controller and Now Assist for Search.

The first tool lets deployments from the ServiceNow platform integrate with OpenAI’s LLM AI models without relying on scripts or complicated code. The tool is available through a cloud-based OpenAI API or Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. Now Assist for Search allows ServiceNow users to extract data from their internal systems based on natural language search queries.

Now Assist for Virtual Agent is now available to a selected number of customers. The AI tool should become generally available in September.

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