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Nuance and Nvidia partner to deliver AI solutions for medical imaging

Nuance and Nvidia partner to deliver AI solutions for medical imaging

The partners aim to bring AI-powered medical imaging solutions to clinical workflows.

Nuance and NVIDIA announced a partnership that aims to put AI-based diagnostic tools directly into the hands of radiologists and other clinicians. The result, they claim, will enable improved patient care at lower costs.

Nuance will contribute to the partnership with its nationwide Nuance Precision Imaging Network, an AI-powered cloud platform that delivers patient insights from diagnostic imaging into clinical and administrative workflows. Nuance will also bring MONAI, an open-source and domain-specialized medical imaging AI framework. MONAI was co-founded and accelerated by NVIDIA.

Together, these solutions “enable the safe and effective validation, deployment and evaluation of medical imaging AI models”, the companies said.

Leveraging Microsoft for AI imaging

Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Nuance Precision Imaging Network provides access to an entire ecosystem of AI-powered tools and insights within clinical workflows to more than 12,000 healthcare facilities, as well as radiologists who use Nuance’s PowerScribe radiology reporting and PowerShare image-sharing solutions. Microsoft acquired Nuance in an €18 billion deal earlier this year.

MONAI “transforms research breakthroughs and AI applications into clinical impact”, according to the two companies. The platform includes MONAI Deploy, an accelerated processing pipeline that delivers MONAI Application Packages (MAPs). MAPs integrate into healthcare systems using interoperability standards such as DICOM. The framework functions across various datacenter and cloud environments.

Peter Durlach, Nuance’s Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, hailed the new partnership. “The strategic partnership between Nuance and NVIDIA makes the process of deploying trained diagnostic imaging AI models into existing clinical applications at scale simpler for everyone”, he said.

“Adoption of radiology AI at scale has traditionally been constrained by the complexity of clinical workflows and the lack of standards, applications and deployment platforms”, added David Niewolny, Director, Healthcare Business Development for NVIDIA.

“This partnership clears those barriers, enabling the extraordinary capabilities of AI to be delivered right at the point of care, faster than ever before.”