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Nvidia launches Isaac SDK for AI-controlled robot development

Nvidia launches Isaac SDK for AI-controlled robot development

Nvidia has made his Isaac SDK available for download. The software development kit is part of the chip manufacturer’s efforts to help make robot development more accessible to a wider audience.

The Isaac SDK was announced last month, but has only now been made generally available. According to TechCrunch, the system is designed to improve accessibility to key functions of robotics Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These include obstacle detection, speech recognition and stereo depth estimates.


The Isaac SDK is a toolbox that allows developers to access Isaac applications, Gems, a Robot Engine and SIM. Manufacturers, researchers and startups should be able to save hundreds of hours by making it easier to add the aforementioned features to next-generation robots.

“Using computational charts and an entity component system, the Isaac Robot Engine allows developers to break up difficult robot tasks into a network of smaller, simpler steps. The development of a complex system has been made easier by using Gems, which are modular sensory, planning and execution capabilities that can easily be plugged into a robot application,” says the company.

In total, there are more than twenty Gems, which provide plug-and-go functions for difficult robot programs such as navigation algorithms. The Gems are built and optimized for the Nvidia Jetson AGX platform. This is a server-on-a-cip with which all kinds of AI calculations, image recognition and other computing tasks can be performed on autonomous drones and robots.

Robot Engine

The Isaac Robot Engine offers a framework that allows developers to easily write modular applications for deployment on robots. The Engine is optimized for performance across the Nvidia Jetson family and GPU-driven workstations.

The Isaac Robot Engine provides users with the advanced monitoring and debugging capabilities required to build complex systems. This includes logging and replaying sensor data, efficient memory management and live web-based virtualisation.

Finally, the toolkit contains Isaac Sim, which allows developers to test robots in simulations. After the test, applications can be used on robots that run Jetson. Isaac Sim is closely linked to the tools and the framework in the toolbox, says Nvidia. This makes it easy to move data and algorithms between robots.

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