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Blue Prism, creator of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, adds a new, intelligent ability to process documents to its suite of products. It’s about Decipher, who’s now available as a beta.

Decipher is an intelligent document processing solution that can scan invoices, identify data points and collect these points for use within RPA processes. These data points can be recognized regardless of their format and location.

Decipher should be a simple starting point for document processing and is a workflow that can be used to record and classify unstructured documents. It can be used “out-of-the-box”, without having to buy additional licenses or products.

Organizations can also add their own document capture technologies, such as ABBYY. It is also possible to use services for this purpose within the Decipher framework.

AI Headquarters

Decipher is the first product to come directly from the special AI Research Labs in London. This laboratory brings together scientists and engineers from several artificial intelligence (AI) fields to inform and set up developments for the company’s AI capabilities.

The solution itself can clean up documents to ensure they are ready for processing, apply machine learning to classify the documents and then collect the data. Finally, it can add a security score to show the authenticity of the collected data, and pass it on to a business user if needed.

Decipher starts with the ability to process invoices. Later on, the support will be extended to other document types, such as incoming purchase orders, contracts and CVs. There is also a need for integration with the best document processing capabilities of third parties.


Customers of Brue Prism and others who are interested in becoming a Decipher beta tester can apply. After the test, the software must be available on DX free of charge for all Blue Prism customers.

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