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Many enterprises with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning deployments want to double their projects in the coming year. That’s what Gartner’s research shows, reports ZDNet.

According to Gartner, 59 percent of organizations now have a form of AI-deployment in place. An average company has four artificial intelligence or machine learning projects, according to the analysis agency based on a survey of IT and business executives from December 2018.

Rapid rise

However, this number must increase rapidly in the coming years. For example, respondents to the new survey expect to add six more projects over the next twelve months. In the next three years, there should be as many as 15. This means that an average organization can have 35 AI-based projects in 2022.

The vast majority of organizations – 56 percent – state that artificial intelligence and machine learning are mainly used for internal purposes. Think of support for making decisions and recommending tasks for employees.

For 20 percent of respondents, the main motivation for implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning is automating tasks.


However, the implementation of AI and machine learning does not come without challenges. The companies argue that a lack of skills is a particular problem in the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. 56 percent of the respondents cited this as the main challenge.

34 percent say that data quality and scope concerns are a major challenge in the implementation of such projects.

In addition, 42 percent of organizations say that it is often difficult to understand AI-use cases. For example, an organization cannot properly see or measure the return on investment without evidence, testing and clear goals for an AI project. This can cause the AI-deployment to be unsuccessful.

Projects often fail

IDC reported earlier this month that the AI projects at many companies are failing. According to research carried out by the analysis office, half of such projects fail in a quarter of the companies.

In addition, only 25% of organizations that use artificial intelligence have an enterprise-wide AI strategy in place. The companies themselves argue that lack of skills and unrealistic expectations are the main reasons for this.

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