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Workday is going to use blockchain for checking and identity data

Workday is going to use blockchain for checking and identity data

Workday has announced that it has taken over Trusted Key. This startup can be seen as a provider of digital identity solutions, to create secure digital control of identity data with the support of blockchain.

In a blog post from July, Workday states that the new platform makes services safer and easier to move. According to the company, privacy and security are the most important values to be followed when improving data authentication.

Trusted Key, with its block chain and cryptographic expertise, would convert traditional data into cryptographic tokens. This means that users no longer have to go through every step of the authentication process themselves, but that this is done by sending tokens. Data such as licences, certificates and diplomas can thus be checked more quickly.

Job market of the future

We’ve heard from customers that they need a faster and more efficient way to check skills and certifications so they can be sure that their employees have the right qualifications and meet the requirements. With digital tokens and identity data, a process that normally takes a long time becomes a matter of checking with the help of Workday.

If the idea of Workday is implemented into the future, most of the job market could eventually become digital. Application procedures take much less time. One push of a button verifies whether or not the data provided by an applicant is correct. By using blockchain, privacy and security are immediately guaranteed.

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