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Atos has developed a proof of concept for a digital identity that enables citizens to gain secure access to online services. The digital identity was developed using blockchain. The solution meets the requirements laid down in the European Digital Identity Standard (eiDAS).

With the digital identity, users retain control over their data. Until now, the identity of citizens on the Internet has often been managed by a central party or service. In that case, the data is the property of the parties. With the solution of Atos, the Self Sovereign Identity, things must be different. A decentralized infrastructure is used to prevent personal data from being exchanged or resold to third parties.

Users can also use the solution to reliably verify their identity, according to the IT specialist and service provider. This enables them to gain secure access to public services that are offered online. The proof in concept is further developed in cooperation with customers, so that it becomes a tailor-made solution that meets their specific wishes and requirements.

In addition, the solution is therefore eiDAS-proof, which means that users may also be able to identify themselves in other European countries and log in securely.

Little chance of fraud

According to Eduardo Leegwater, Digital Identity Expert at Atos, the digital identity is also unlikely to lead to cyber attacks and identity fraud. The solution uses blockchain technology, in which data is encrypted on the basis of complex cryptography.

“This digital identity can be used with the same degree of reliability as a passport, identity card or driving licence. Atos is currently developing a mobile application that makes it possible to use the solution. When this is completed, citizens will be able to identify with the application both online and offline,” says Leegwater.

However, digital identities already exist. These are multi-applicable identifiers, which can easily be shared with third parties. However, the identities are personal, which guarantees security. In the Netherlands, DigiD is used for citizens and eRecognition for businesses.

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