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Google expands Interpreter to hotels and airports

Google expands Interpreter to hotels and airports

Visiting another country and having trouble communicating with the hotel staff? With Interpreter mode last year, Google wanted to overcome such a language barrier more easily. As of this week, that function has been expanded considerably, after Google joined forces with a number of major partners.

By partnering with Volara and SONIFI, the real-time translation tool can be used more easily by companies to help customers who speak a different language. The system uses the Google Nest Hub display and not only shows the translation, but also pronounces it.

Google believes that the Interpreter mode can be used at airports (starting with the busy Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York), in banks, in the organisation of sporting events and even in providing humanitarian aid. A large number of hotels in America and a selection in Japan and Qatar will also make use of the extensive translation function.

Google also adds features to Google Assistant

Not only does Google’s translation tool receive a significant update, Google Assistant also receives a refresher. During CES, it was demonstrated how Assistant can read longer written content such as news items or more extensive articles. According to Google, this experience is better than the current generation of automatic-reading software, as it sounds more natural. This would make it easier for the user to listen to the artificial voice for a longer period of time.