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Amazon announces arrival of open source library for AI models

Amazon announces arrival of open source library for AI models

Writing an AI model with less input from developers themselves: Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to put this into practice with the arrival of AutoGluon. With just a few lines of code, deep learning could already be used, as there is a considerable library available to use.

According to AWS, the use of deep learning models has always been reserved for experts for the time being, but in the last ten years, a big step has been taken to simplify it. Even so, many of the factors involved need to be calculated, which takes a considerable amount of time. AutoGluon will automate those processes according to AWS, allowing a model to be created with ‘as little as three lines of code’. Jonas Mueller of AWS describes the breakthrough as follows:

“We developed AutoGluon to truly democratize machine learning, and make the power of deep learning available to all developers. (…) AutoGluon solves this problem, as all choices are automatically tuned within default ranges that are known to perform well for the particular task and model.”

Tools for newcomers included

Paired with the announcement of AutoGluon, AWS has also included the necessary guides to help developers. The company also takes into account those who already have the necessary experience, and provides instructions on how to use the APIs to work with specific applications.