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Last week ServiceNow deposited millions for the Israeli startup Loom Systems, this week it is Passage AI that is being taken over by the company specialising in automating business functions. ServiceNow did not disclose how much it is paying for Passage AI.

Passage AI mainly specialises in creating chatbots that can then be rolled out by companies on their website or via third parties like Facebook Messenger, Alexa and other platforms. The chatbots can speak more than a hundred different languages, which would make handling customer issues considerably easier.

That is why ServiceNow is taking over the startup, as it wants to add the function to the service it offers itself: “Making a company’s workflow run smoother”.

Not the first startup

Details of the acquisition have not yet been disclosed. Considering the customers of Passage AI, it is a relevant player. Among others, car manufacturer Ford and Mastercard use the service, the chatbot of Passage AI makes it easier to communicate with those companies in many different countries (with different languages).

Last week, ServiceNow took over the startup Loom Systems, which specialises in monitoring data flows within a company. The company’s customers included Microsoft.

In the last few years, ServiceNow has already taken over several AI startups to expand its service. These two are the first under the leadership of the new CEO Bill McDermott, the man who was previously CEO of SAP.

Tip: Nobody knows what ServiceNow does, or what is can do for you