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Blue Prism has launched a number of new tools to expand its cloud capabilities. The new services are made possible by Thoughtonomy, acquired in 2019.

The tools fall under the Blue Prism Cloud, the offer of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor which is made for connections to cloud platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. This is essential, as the Blue Prism-CEO previously indicated in an interview that the company’s RPA deployments traditionally take place in the data center.

One of the new tools is called Blue Prism Cloud Hub. This is a solution to manage the automation cycle. The Hub also comes with the Wireframer tool, which helps to build a process structure. In addition, the update comes with Blue Prism Cloud Interact, a web interface in which users can, for example, automate front and back office processes. Finally, Blue Prism adds the IADA solution, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to orchestrate activities and tasks.

Thoughtonomy supports SaaS

Adding the new possibilities therefore stems from the integration of the previously acquired Thoughtonomy. Thoughtonomy is now called Blue Prism Cloud. The intention of Blue Prism is to introduce more possibilities for the cloud. “In the end, the customer can choose which platform they want. Thoughtonomy enables the customer to deploy a digital workforce based on a SaaS model”, says Blue Prism-CEO Alastair Bathgate.

Thoughtonomy developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for the acquisition, enabling it to deliver RPA solutions as-a-service. Blue Prism has paid 100 million dollars for this technology. The acquisition followed several months after Blue Prism received an investment of approximately 130 million dollars.

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