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Adobe launches tools for metaverse development

Adobe launches tools for metaverse development

Adobe plans to invest heavily in the development 3D metaverse environments. To this end, the creative software giant introduced a broad portfolio of solutions during the Adobe Summit 2022.

Adobe’s definition of the metaverse is an integration of digital and physical environments for interactive experiences. In these experiences, people can meet, interact and collaborate. Ultimately, metaverse environments serve for digital shopping, gaming, training and communicating in the broadest sense.

Metaverse tooling for Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe clearly aspires to be a key supplier for the software and tooling required to develop metaverse environments. All eyes are on the Experience Cloud platform, as announced by Adobe during its recent virtual Adobe Summit 2022.

This platform already has tools for 3D environments development, but will be steadily expanded in the coming period. Among these tools is Adobe Substance 3D Modeler, now available as a beta. The software helps design and build 3D games in augmented reality worlds.

Other 3D solutions

In addition to Adobe Substance 3D Modeler, the Adobe Aero solution is further integrated into Adobe Experience Cloud. This tool allows developers to build augmented reality environments. Furthermore, all 3D tooling stands to be integrated with Adobe’s general portfolio, including Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.


Lastly, Adobe announced new AI functionality for its Adobe Experience Cloud platform. Adobe Sensei provides new sales predictions in the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, AI-based product recommendations and real-time search results in Adobe Commerce, and intelligent budget predictions in the Adobe Attribution AI platform.

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