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Refinitiv, provider of data on financial markets, will offer its dataset Tick History on Google Cloud Platform. Users will be able to use Google’s BigQuery to search that dataset.

The dataset Tick History is a collection of historical day-to-day financial data dating back to January 1996. Think of stocks, indexes, exchange rates, income, etc. This data is now combined with Google Cloud, so users have lower costs because less money is needed for infrastructure and storage to maintain a database.

Improved analyses and insights

Furthermore, customers will be able to use BigQuery to perform more in-depth analysis of the Tick History data, says Refinitiv. This will give customers a way to build and test strategies for trading, for example, or perform quantitative research and analysis. It also makes it easier to ensure that all legal requirements are met, i.e. compliance. Also, customers are likely to be able to access certain insights more quickly because the data can be analysed at the native location, without having to perform those calculations in a separate analysis engine first.

“As the cloud delivers on its promise to make AI-based analytics more readily available, the potential of data to deliver answers that drive business performance gets ever greater,” Refinitiv Proposition Director Catalina Vasquez stated. “Combining Google Cloud’s machine learning tools with Refinitiv’s Tick History data in BigQuery is a step-change for customers looking to develop new trading models, interpret trade patterns or comply with regulations.”