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Automation Anywhere has announced a new Discovery Bot tool for improved Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The tool should make it easier to recognise processes that can be automated with RPA.

Automation Anywhere’s platform uses machine learning to take over repetitive tasks normally performed by humans. The software observes how employees perform a certain action, such as filling in a form in a back-office accounting system, and then learns to replicate that workflow automatically. This is, in fact, the core of RPA.

Hunting for processes

The new Automation Anywhere Discovery Bot builds on this RPA principle by also capturing and analysing employee actions to identify the most common and repetitive process steps. In doing so, however, the tool takes into account the navigation between the different business applications that employees use. Priority is then given to the best automation options, after which new RPA bots are created to automate these tasks.

According to Automation Anywhere, research shows that 80 percent of the manual, repetitive front and back office tasks that could be automated have not yet been discovered. In addition, existing methods for discovering new business processes are still too slow and the potential return on investment for these capabilities is uncertain for organizations. With the Discovery Bot, such an investment should become less risky.

The new Discovery Bot is now available for customers with early access. General availability will be rolled out later in the year.