Zoom introduces no-code development tool Workflow Automation

Zoom introduces no-code development tool Workflow Automation

Zoom wants to facilitate user collaboration through its platform and other vendors’ solutions. To this end, the no-code development tool Workflow Automation has been introduced in beta. It can be used to build workflows for automating routine tasks.

The new solution enables users to easily and efficiently set up complex workflows for routine tasks in the Zoom Workspace environment and solutions from other vendors.

Among other features, the tool provides users with ready-to-use templates and the ability to design custom workflows to automate various tasks. These include automatically sending welcome messages to new team members, scheduling recurring reminders for project updates, streamlining leave requests and collecting feedback via questionnaires.

Because the tool works intuitively without code and has a simple drag-and-drop interface, employees do not need technical expertise. According to the collaboration specialist, this makes Workflow Automation accessible to teams of all skill levels.

In beta for now

Workflow Automation initially supports workflows for Zoom Team Chat only in the beta version. Later, support for the no-code workflow automation tool is planned to extend to all of Zoom’s various products.

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