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For users who want a fast DBMS (Database Management System) to handle petabytes of data for mobile and web applications, the chances are that they are using the NoSQL Apache Cassandra database. Netflix, Hulu, and Reddit use it. 

The competitors like MongoDB, Cosmos DB, and DynamoDB, stack up well when compared to Apache. However, there is no argument that Apache is the most popular of them all. Now, we have the new beta release coming out soon.

Boosted Ratings

The new release will make Apache more popular than ever. Cassandra is slated to have data streaming between clusters five times faster than before with the addition of Zero Copy streaming. So, in real-world speed, what are we looking at?

The developers say that this means five times faster Mean Time to Recovery when problems arise. In turn, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will reduce, as users will need less server, cloud, and network resources.

A Glowing Promise

The developers of Apache Cassandra say that this new version is going to be the most stable one yet. They recommend that you start using it as soon as possible in your test and quality assurance activities.

The Cassandra community plans to deliver the 4.0 beta and then the 4.0.0 general availability release that will be ready for production deployment. The show-stopper problems that might generally derail you, will no longer be an issue. 

Bells and Whistles

Cassandra keeps data replicas in sync, using a process called ‘Repair.’ The new one has many improvements with over 1,000 bug fixes, news features like replay, fault-injection, and performance tests.

The update looks like it’s going to be good. You can now look forward to transitioning your production workloads to 4.0. Cassandra’s business partners are already supporting the new release, even though it is yet to be made public.