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The latest version of CockroachDB is available. 22.1 introduces features for automation and compliance.

CockroachDB is a SQL database management system (DBMS) for cloud apps. The software supports both public and private clouds. A central dashboard allows databases to be deployed in a region and environment of choice. Applications in Python, Go, Java and Ruby are easily connected. Cockroach Labs, the system’s developer, takes care of uptime. The organization uses a pay-as-you-go model: customers only pay for the capacity used. The latest version of CockroachDB is now available.

CockroachDB 22.1

CockroachDB 22.1 introduces ‘super regions’. The feature limits data to a single geographic area. To restrict data to a region, developers and operators traditionally deploy and manage local databases. The method is common, as most enterprises have to comply with national data processing rules. The ‘super regions’ feature makes their lives easier.

In addition, the release includes a new command-line interface (CLI) for managing database clusters. The tool allows users to manage clusters via machine language. CockroachDB 22.1 also introduces an API for automating deployments and expansions.

“We are most excited about the new API/CLI functionality in the update”, said Chris Downs, co-founder of Mythical Games and user of CockroachDB. “Testing, monitoring, and optimizing applications involve repetitive and time-consuming work. The new cloud API will let us programmatically control the provisioning, scaling, and monitoring of our clusters using tools like Terraform and Crossplane. In addition, the new cloud CLI will allow our developers to rapidly create, configure, and scale clusters all without leaving the command line.”

Prisma and Datadog

Furthermore, the release features integrations of Prisma, a popular database toolkit for developers. In addition, CockroachDB 22.1 suggests improvements for optimizing database performance. A new Datadog integration allows joint customers to monitor clusters with Datadog’s software.

It is an exciting time for CockroachDB. Gartner recently included the technology in the Magic Quadrant for database management systems. Thereby, Cockroach Labs successfully competes with giants such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS and IBM.

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