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Cockroach Labs released CockroachDB 22.2. The latest features focus on database efficiency.

CockroachDB 22.2 was designed to simplify the architecture of data-intensive applications, making it easier for developers to move from traditional databases to CockroachDB.

The update adds User-Defined Functions (UDFs), a feature that’s been requested by users for some time. UDFs extend CockroachDB’s compatibility with PostgreSQL. This straightens migration paths from traditional databases, allowing more companies to modernize workloads by moving to Cockroach Labs’ cloud-based alternative.

Distributed Functions are another significant addition. This feature ensures compatibility with general PostgreSQL functions by supporting distributed and scalable applications. New schema conversion tools make it easier to migrate workloads from Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server databases through a REST API.

CockroachDB 22.2

Furthermore, Cockroach Labs improved the efficiency of data transfers to other systems. So-called Change Data Capture Transformations extract only the data absolutely needed from CockroachDB. Data is subsequently transformed and streamed to other systems. The process helps speed up analytics pipelines and event-driven applications.

Furthermore, CockroachDB 22.2 includes Intelligent Insights, a feature that enables actionable fixes with a single mouse click. This allows users to improve CockroachDB performance without calling on a specialist or risking downtime.

Tip: CockroachDB 22.1 is now available