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NetApp announces the acquisition of Instaclustr. NetApp wants to add the database management specialist to Spot by NetApp, a growing portfolio of infrastructure services.

Instaclustr develops a database management (DBM) platform. The platform supports multiple cloud providers and open source DBM systems (DBMS). Organizations with diverse databases and cloud environments use the solution to centralize management. Instaclustr provides support services to organizations with single database systems.

Today, NetApp announced the acquisition of Instaclustr. Over time, Instaclustr’s technology will be offered through Spot by NetApp, a portfolio of infrastructure services. Open-source database management is a first. The acquisition fills a new niche for NetApp.


Instaclustr’s platform supports five open-source DBM systems: PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, OpenSearch and Elasticsearch. The service provider is popular among organisations with various databases in multiple clouds.

“Instaclustr’s growth has been driven by the fact that companies want to leverage open-source databases, pipelines, and workflow applications without overwhelming themselves with the complexity and cost of managing and operating them”, says Peter Lilley, CEO and co-founder of Instaclustr.

The acquisition isn’t final yet. Everything depends on the approval of antitrust authorities. NetApp does not disclose when the next step is expected.

NetApp strategy

In 2020, NetApp announced the acquisition of Spot. Spot developed a solution for cost optimisation of cloud infrastructure. NetApp used the solution to establish a portfolio: Spot by NetApp. Today, the portfolio covers much more than cost optimisation.

NetApp acquired several organisations to expand Spot by NetApp. First came CloudCheckr, then Data Mechanics and later Fylamynt. If all goes according to plan, Instaclustr will be the next chapter.

“The acquisition marks a critical advancement in our strategy to run application driven platforms and infrastructures”, concludes Anthony Lye, Executive VP and General Manager, Public Cloud Services at NetApp.