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Analysis platform Tableau has received an update. With Tableau 2020.3, customers can store and update data directly on an external database via the Tableau Prep Builder. There appears to be more demand for options to prepare data. In addition, Tableau administrators are getting new tools to distribute product licenses across groups. The update is now available.

According to Chief Product Officer, Francois Ajenstat, it is now easier to scale analyses accurately. Arjenstat says: “The new capabilities in Tableau 2020.3 continue to extend the breadth and depth of the entire Tableau platform, helping customers to easily scale their analytics further than ever before. By introducing the ability to write to an external database, Tableau Prep can now be used for analytics use cases outside of the Tableau platform, from data science to data governance.”

Write to database

With the new ‘write to database’ the data preparation process can remain more manageable. The data from the Tableau Prep Builder is stored in a database in the office on-premises or in the cloud. In this way, the data is accessible to both authorized employees and the analytics tools. Cleaned up datasets can be used by all the business applications that are connected to it. Via a drag-and-drop system, people can publish a data flow to a database, without having to add anything to it.

If people also use Tableau Data Management, there is much more that can be done. One can then automate the output so that it goes directly to the Tableau Catalog. Here you can add metadata and quality alerts. “Over the past several years, Tableau’s continued accomplishments show that the company has a pulse on what their customers need, as well as how the data and BI market is evolving. The features introduced in Tableau 2020.3 continue this history of well-reasoned engineering and help to create a true data-first mentality for customers”. That’s what Chief Brad Shimmin of Analyst, AI Platforms, Data and Analytics at Omdia says.


“The new ‘write to database’ feature built into Tableau Prep gives customers the opportunity to prep their data earlier on in the value chain, further powering data democratization across the organization.”

Tip: Tableau wants to make analytics understandable for everyone