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Europe is the world’s leading superpower in ‘enterprise data’

Europe is the world’s leading superpower in ‘enterprise data’

Europe is the leading superpower in enterprise data. This according to a new report by Digital Realty. The company used its Data Gravity Index DGx to measure the creation, aggregation and private exchange of enterprise data in 21 metros.

The results show that Europe’s presence in a versatile range of knowledge economy industries, leads to the generation of vast amounts of data.

This growth is driven by the rise of data-driven industries in Europe. The continent is now a true superpower when it comes to volume of data created, aggregated and exchanged between European cities. It exceeds that of North America.

A trend that will continue

Digital Realty thinks that this trend is on the rise and might not reverse any time soon, going as far as to assert that it will continue in its present trajectory for the next four years. London stands tall as the world’s most powerful centre for enterprise data.

It is far ahead of Tokyo and New York. The success comes from its position as a prominent and highly connected financial service hub.

Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris are all ranked at the top right after London as leaders in enterprise data volume.

Data’s advantages

The Data Gravity Index DGx shows that London and Amsterdam are the most interconnected cities. They are closely followed by Paris and London, Paris and Frankfurt, Frankfurt and London, and London and Dublin.

While having all this data can be an advantage, it is not easy to move. It is not even easy to use unless tools are deployed well to sift through it and get the pertinent information needed to make strides forward.

However, cities with weight in specific industries, like London in Finance, attracts more of the same kind of data and businesses that come with this.

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