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The enterprise software giant promises to expand the world of CDP.

SAP, the Walldorf, Germany based leader in ERP and other business software, announced on Wednesday that it is releasing its new Customer Data Platform (CDP).

The company hailed its new platform as a “next-generation customer data platform that aims to allow organizations to redefine the customer experience across every engagement, from commerce and marketing to sales and service.”

The announcement was made at the company’s SAP Customer Experience LIVE virtual event, taking place from 14-15 October.

SAP’s Gigya technology drives the new platform

SAP built its Customer Data Platform on the foundation of SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions. These solutions are based on Gigya technology. SAP acquired Gigya in 2017. The company has been using Gigya customer identity and preference management technology to power SAP’s own customer identity platform.

In a blog post last year, Adrian Nash, SAP Head of Strategy, foreshadowed the launch of SAP’s CDP offering.

“SAP has visibility into more than 10 years of highly scalable, multitenant, cloud-native customer data management solutions,” he wrote. These solutions are storing literally billions of permission-based, first-party customer profiles.

“With a combination of the market-leading SAP Marketing Cloud solution and the broader SAP C/4HANA suite of customer engagement products, SAP…is thus positioned to offer the most advanced enterprise-grade customer data platform (CDP) in the market.”

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How SAP is expanding the horizons of CDP

The company explained in their press release how the new platform will work.

First, the platform creates secure and compliant digital profile. It does this by weaving in SAP Customer Identity and Access Management combines with SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management.

The SAP Customer Data Platform serves as the connective tissue of the real-time profile. It powers a customer insight foundation to deliver relevant conversation whenever the customer wants to engage with the brand.

“We did not invent CDP, but SAP Customer Data Platform opens the concept to a new world of opportunities,” SAP Customer Experience President Bob Stutz said. “SAP Customer Data Platform is one of the most advanced enterprise-grade CDPs,” he added.

“[The CDP] can truly deliver personalized experiences that nurture anonymous users into known, loyal customers using the customer’s preferred channels, unifying vast amounts of front-office, back-office and experience data as only SAP can.”

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