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Boomi, known for its iPaaS service is partnering with Snowflake, a data warehouse solution. Together they will offer a solution where you can bring all your data together for analysis and reporting.

Snowflake’s solution spans the entire lifecycle of data for customers, starting from discovery, preparation, integration, migration, transformation, storage, and visualization. Companies leverage the solution to gain real-time insights.

Boomi also said that it achieved the ‘Snowflake Ready Technology’ validation for Boomi’s DCP (Data Catalog and Preparation Service.) The Senior VP of Product at Boomi said that about 70% of enterprises’ data remains undiscovered.

Data insight is the game-changer

Boomi allows customers to find, comprehend, and quickly move the data to Snowflake to get insights, make decisions, and power business processes without tinkering with code.

The program performs validation of partner integrations to ensure that users adhere to Snowflake’s best practices and allow customers to know which integrations are validated and available on Snowflake.

Combining Boomi and Snowflake brings Data Catalog and Prep, giving the companies’ customers the chance to increase their Snowflake investment. Boomi AtomSphere has over 12,000 users globally.

Everybody wins

With Boomi and Snowflake, analysts have complete visibility into their data and can combine insights from it in ways that were not possible before. They can apply data science to optimize things like logistics and become better citizens by reducing their overall carbon footprint through efficiency.

The statement was made by Dr. Scott Underwood, the senior manager of business intelligence at Cooke Aquaculture Inc., one of the largest global B2B seafood suppliers.

He continued to say that a strong partnership between Boomi and Snowflake will enhance businesses’ value and benefit everyone. Business analysis and IT combine here to provide excellent outcomes for business and customers.

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